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Learning to be #UNBREAKABLE... together!

Welcome to #OILife! Born from an undeniable urge to uplift every single person touched by Osteogenesis Imperfecta, we’re all about radiating positivity, championing and pioneering fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness.

Across every age and every corner of the globe, we’re laying down an #UNBREAKABLE foundation of support. Every O.I. warrior, young or old, is part of this incredible family.

Here’s the real heart of #OILife: together, we’re forging a spirit that’s downright #UNBREAKABLE. By leaning on one another, sharing stories, and joining forces, we’re ensuring every voice is heard.

Remember, in this journey, you’re never alone.

Dive in below! We’ve packed in some powerful O.I. resources for you. Oh, and if you’ve got something to share or suggest, we’re all ears.

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What is Osteogenesis Imperfecta?

Osteogenesis Imperfecta (O.I.), aka Brittle Bone Disease, is a rare deal. It’s not just about fragile bones—this thing’s a collagen disorder. We’ve spotted about 18 different types of O.I. out there. And let me tell you, the severity? Well, that can swing big time, even within each type.

Living with O.I. isn’t a walk in the park, that’s for sure. It brings its own set of challenges, but you know what’s incredible? People worldwide are really making it work! They’re thriving and doing their thing, showing that O.I. won’t hold them back.

Join an #OILife GROUP Meeting!

So, here’s the lowdown on the #OILife GROUP meetings: they’re the social haven you’ve been looking for in the O.I. community. We’re diving into all things that seriously amp up the quality of our lives and the whole O.I. crew.

Picture this: you, me, and everyone else hanging out in a Zoom room, shooting the breeze from every corner of the globe. Yep, it’s that cool! And we’ll even have a special guest join the party every once in a while.

Circle the 3rd Wednesday of the month on your calendar because that’s when the magic happens. We kick off at 7 PM ET / 4 PM PT. It’s your ticket to monthly enlightenment and connection with our awesome O.I. community. See you there!

Once you attend a meeting, you’ll be given the opportunity to join the private online #OILife GROUP Community to stay connected with everyone!

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Watch The #OILife Channel

Video resources for the Osteogenesis Imperfecta community!

The #OILife YouTube channel is where it’s at for celebrating and shining a light on the Osteogenesis Imperfecta lifestyle.

Everything from live streams (check out The #OILife Show) to awesome interviews with O.I.ers (#OILife Spotlight), and a bunch of other hot topics that matter to the O.I. community.

You’ll find a treasure trove of videos waiting for you on the channel!

Fitness + O.I.

As the first Certified Personal Trainer with O.I. to work 1-on-1 with fellow O.I.ers, it’s been my mission and passion since 2017 to make exercise an accessible priority to every O.I. community member. It’s easy to access guidance and coaching through my online adaptive fitness club, #UNBREAKABLE BODY!


Recognition for Tony and #OILife

"Thank you, Tony, for the amazing work you do for our OI community. The more I see the more I appreciate your professionalism, your insights, your consistency in driving open connections across everyone, your intention to support others, and you as a unique, inspirational, and energizing friend in our OI community!"

"...[Tony] shared great insight about health and fitness with OI Foundation conference participants, and was very encouraging to attendees of all ages, physical abilities and backgrounds. Tony naturally connects to individuals to form friendships and expand professional networks. He is very motivating, and shares positive energy with everyone around him. I see Tony as a leader in the OI community online and in-person." Petra Former O.I.F. Health Educator

#OILife is a community supported effort

I do my best to provide as much free content as possible, but #OILife ultimately runs on support from the community and others who wish to contribute to the cause!

january 17th

Medical Team Best Practices

Ever had a Doctor tell you they don’t know what O.I. is? It’s happened to all of us. In this meeting, let’s discuss what we’ve done and find out from others the best ways to get the medical care we need.

February 21st

Mental Wellbeing Check In

Living and thriving with O.I. can be challenging at times; not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. Let’s check in with one another and see where we can provide support and encouragement!

March 20th

Aging Well With O.I.

As we age, there are concerns that are specific to O.I.ers. Weather you’re younger or more “seasoned”, let’s get together and share our thoughts, concerns, and figure out ways to support each other at this meeting.

April 17th

Family & Friends Night

Sometimes, our family and friends just don’t understand! Am I right?! At this month’s meeting, bring your family and friends and let’s answer all their burning questions! And we can fill them in on how they can best support us O.I.ers.

May 15th

Open Discussion

It’s time for an open discussion meeting! Bring whatever topics, concerns, ideas to the table and let’s support one another on this O.I. journey!

June 19th

Finding Our Power In Social Situations

As O.I.ers, we tend to be introverts. But many of us also thrive when we’re outside! Whichever side of the fence you’re on, let’s discuss how we find our power in social situations!

August 21st

Living Independently

Living independently can be a challenge for many O.I.ers. However, there are many of us that are thriving independently. Let’s gather to discuss what works and what doesn’t when it comes to this topic. I’m sure we can support one another with some awesome tips & tricks!

September 18th

Open Discussion

It’s time for an open discussion meeting! Bring whatever topics, concerns, ideas to the table and let’s support one another on this O.I. journey!

October 16th

Staying Positive During Broken Times

Maintaining a positive attitude can be a challenge; especially when we’re broken. The healing process doesn’t have to be difficult. Let’s share with one another what we do to stay positive during those broken times!

December 18th

Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness Goals for 2025

As we head into the end of the year, it’s time to talk about fitness, nutrition, and wellness goals for 2025! Let’s get together and hold each other accountable!