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motivational books by Tony Jacobsen

As an author, speaker, and coach, Tony is motivating and inspiring audiences around the world with his message of resilience and inner strength.

"Tony is such an inspiring person. He's a wonderful speaker with a great message for all!"

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Discover How I Became #UNBREAKABLE!

Tony's Presentations and Speaking Topics

Being #UNBREAKABLE doesn’t mean you won’t break.

It’s all about embracing our broken moments, uncovering our resilience, and defining our future to give ourselves power and strength as new challenges arise. I experienced this personally and have developed strategies and tools to alleviate the frustrations and fears around the process of change and discovery.

My mission is to help you reach your goals, that’s why every talk or presentation is tailored to your specific needs!


Based on his book of the same name, Tony shares his incredible transformation story, and the secrets he learned along the way, to encourage others with disabilities to embrace their challenges and live the healthy life they deserve!


Living with pain sucks. Tony knows first hand and he’s created a finely tuned combination of practical methods to reduce (or even eliminate) chronic pain.


Many people will unconsciously find themselves stuck in life. Tony is no exception and this talk reveals the tools necessary to break through self-imposed barriers to reach your highest potential.

"NEVER GIVE UP!" - a message for the kids

A fun and engaging presentation to show students that it’s important to be yourself, always be learning, and never give up!

Tony is a passion-filled speaker with a message that is changing the world. His presentation style is engaging, and his keynotes inspire. I look forward to seeing him speak again!

Tony is such an inspiring person. He's a wonderful speaker with a great message for all!

Tony is one of the most motivating speakers I've heard. He's authentic, genuine, and humorous. He speaks about "human" things that we can all relate to.

Tony has an incredible life story and he shows people how they too can be successful by being themselves, working hard, and never giving up!

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More About Me

I’ve spent my life in front of audiences. Through performing original music, DJing, acting, and now professional speaking, I’ve honed my skills and enjoy entertaining, educating, and transforming the minds and lives of audience members of all ages.

I love writing. I wrote and released my first book, “Disable Your Disability: Live the Healthy Life You Deserve!”, in 2017, and I’m in the process of completing my 2nd book now and will be releasing it in 2023.

I also express my creativity through my ownership of Egg Sandwich Media (video production) and nurturing my passion for music as a DJ through live gigs and online streaming.

My wife of 22 years, Teemaree, and I recently moved to Detroit, Michigan. We were both born and raised in L.A. so you can imagine how much we’re enjoying the adventure of experiencing actual seasons.

When I’m not speaking or writing, I enjoy exercising, watching movies (comedy is my favorite), listening to and creating music (Hip Hop is in my soul), and having discussions about ideas.

No matter what I’m working on, my goal is to serve and help others live an #UNBREAKABLE life!


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