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HOWEVER, I'll be going LIVE ON TWITCH to continue playing tunes and providing motivation through the music!


While you're here, check out this "15-minutes of #UNBREAKABLE fun" Mix

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How it all started.

Music has always been a part of my life. From my early years playing the family piano to learning drums at age 13, I've always had rhythm and a need to express it.

I was blessed to be captured by the raw sensibilities of hip hop culture early on and I knew that DJing and Emceeing would be a part of my life for a long time.

I started DJing and producing in high school. Then started focusing on writing lyrics and rhyming on the mic during my first year of college. That's when everything changed.

I went on to become a fairly well-known rapper in the San Fernando Valley (Great-One-Eight) and the Los Angeles area. I performed whenever I could get my hands on a microphone.

I formed a few groups throughout my early 20's (The Diggums, Racial Misfits, White Shadow) and released a couple solo E.P. cassettes (remember those?) as Peso, OseP, and Pheenx.

But It wasn't until I met Teemaree and started Dynamite Jive that most of my recording artist success was found. Creating music with my soulmate was exactly what I needed.

We recorded and released 3 albums over the first 6 years of our marriage. You can find out more and purchase our music on the official website: http://www.dynamitejivemusic.com

Through it all, DJing has been one of my most consistent forms of creative expression. I've spun records professionally since the mid 90's and have made people dance all over the planet; from Los Angeles to the seas of the Caribbean. From backyard BBQ's, birthday parties, and weddings, to private corporate events, mega nightclubs, radio performances, and online streaming services, I've enjoyed setting the mood at a multitude of live events and through various platforms.

My specialty and heart live in old school hip hop and R&B, but from my years of experience, I do classify myself as an open-format DJ who can seamlessly blend genres and set the mood for any event and audience.

If you need a DJ for your next event, contact me for a quote.



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