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    THIS IS NOT A WORKOUT! This is a lecture and Q&A session with an adaptive fitness coach / certified personal trainer.

    Are you frustrated because you feel, or have been told, you can’t be 100% healthy with your disability or limited mobility?

    It’s time for a change! It’s time to prove everyone (including your doctors) wrong!

    You'll learn;

  • Recognizing thoughts about your disability that are stopping you.

  • Ways to engage in fitness that are proper and encouraging.

  • How to examine your eating habits to support the healthy lifestyle you deserve (and why it's so important)

  • and much more!

  • Taught by NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Tony Jacobsen, who was born with a rare disability called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (O.I.), also known as Brittle Bones Disease. Tony is the author of "Disable Your Disability: Live the Healthy Life You Deserve!" and has been coaching others with disabilities and limited mobility since 2018. Since going through his own personal fitness transformation, it's his mission to help others do the same.



    ""I really liked Tony and am now motivated to write again." - Previous Attendee

    Awareness, diversity, and inclusion are taking center stage around the world and now is the time to write YOUR disability story to join in the movement and leave your mark.

    In this class you'll learn;

    • The real reason why sharing your story is important

    • Uncovering the actual story you need to tell

    • How to choose the right place to share so your story will have the biggest impact

    • Methods to unleash your unique writing voice

    • The exact tools necessary to get the story out of your head and onto the page

    • and much more!

    • Taught by Author/Speaker/Motivator/Coach, Tony Jacobsen. His best-selling book, "Disable Your Disability: Live the Healthy Life You Deserve!" is a personal documentation of his fitness journey through embracing his disability (Osteogenesis Imperfecta). Since writing and releasing his book, Tony has taken his story to various stages and online events. He continues to share to encourage others to achieve their own personal peak performance and is currently writing his second book.



Empowerment Through Confidence, Health, & Success

    Living with a disability is a unique journey that carries its own set of challenges. But with those challenges comes immense power and potential. Our one-hour online workshop is designed specifically for individuals with any disability. Our aim? To tap into that potential and guide you on a path to success.

    Join two leaders in the disabled community, Chris Mitchell (#DefineYourself), a certified confidence life coach, and Tony Jacobsen (#UNBREAKABLE), a certified personal trainer and adaptive fitness expert, both who know the challenges and opportunities of disability first-hand, as they empower you with the tools to succeed not just in spite of your disability, but because of it.

    Here's what you can expect to learn:

    • Success Strategies: Dive deep into personalized techniques that leverage your unique strengths and experiences to achieve life success.

    • Goal Setting: Craft realistic, motivating goals tailored to your abilities.

    • Mental Resilience: Delve into positive self-talk, the transformative power of the "success balloon," and other strategies to develop a powerful mindset.

    • Adaptive Fitness: Understand why it's crucial, learn about nourishing your body the right way, and reframe your mindset about exercising in harmony with your disability.

    • Courage & Growth: Step out of your comfort zone and stop the detrimental habit of comparing yourself to others.

    • Conclude your transformative journey with a live Q&A session, a chance to dive deeper with Chris and Tony, both authors, motivational speakers, and champions of the belief that there's true power in disability.

      Join us to reframe your narrative. Discover the roadmap to not only a brighter and healthier life but also to unleashing the unmatched power that your unique journey brings.



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