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Music + Movement + Motivation

That’s what you’re gonna get when you tune into my new DJ mixshow!

As a DJ, I’m constantly looking for ways to express myself and spin music that I love and listeners will enjoy. I’ve been DJing since the mid-90’s and have played in a variety of settings; nightclubs, weddings, private/corporate events, backyard BBQ’s, and everything in between.

Being an artist, my expression comes in many forms. My earlier years were consumed with DJing, as well as producing and performing hip hop music. Over the past 8 or so years, I’ve ventured into writing and being an author, being a motivational speaker, and even helping others with their health and fitness goals through personal coaching/training (yes, there is an art to coaching and training!).

Focusing on these ventures may have moved my focus temporarily, but my heart can never stray too far from the decks.

My soul NEEDS me to express myself as a DJ!

When the pandemic hit, I was hyped to start DJing online with video streaming to my Facebook page. Unfortunately, as I would learn quickly, Facebook and the other social media platforms do not hold the correct licensing to sync video with music. I would start DJing a set and get cut off mid-stream due to copyright issues.

I get it. I totally understand it from a recording artist’s perspective. But at the same time, from a DJ’s perspective and knowing what the world was going through, and wanting to supply some good tunes for people, it didn’t make sense that these multi-billion dollar companies wouldn’t get the correct licensing in place to give DJ’s a space to perform.

It’s for everyone, Mr. Zuckerberg.

After a few attempts, I knew there had to be another way, so I discontinued trying to work around the system.

Months went by and I would only touch the decks a few times on special occasions.


God works in the best ways and through my work in the O.I. community, I was fortunate to meet James Tylee, the owner of Cyber.FM, an online radio network that is dedicated to paying listeners through cryptocurrency! They are the best at it and James’ work is extraordinary.

During one of our conversations about music, I expressed to James how frustrated I was with attempting to DJ on various online social platforms. I would not only have to stream video but I was also getting cut off due to copyright issues with the music I was playing. He totally understood my frustrations. After that conversation, and with my growing familiarity with CyberFM, I approached him about the possibility of broadcasting a DJ mixshow on one of the CyberFM stations.

He asked me what kind of show I wanted to do.

After briefly thinking about it, everything came together PERFECTLY to combine multiple expressions of my artistry!

I could mix music (DJ), get people moving (coach/trainer), and give some powerful, motivational tidbits throughout the show (motivational speaking).

Of course, he said YES, and the rest is… well, ya know.

The show is EVERY TUESDAY, on the Xtreme Free4All station, from 6-8 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time), and can be heard via the Cyber.FM app or on any browser.

Have you heard the show? Is there a song you’d love to hear? Comment below and let me know!


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A quick intro to everything Tony...

Tony is the author of Disable Your Disability, a book about learning how to live the healthy life you deserve despite your physical limitations. He was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bones) and has endured 70+ fractures throughout his life. At the ripe young age of 42, he had to embrace his disability to save his life, so against all odds, pushed himself through an 8-month physical transformation that ended up being just as important mentally and emotionally.

Tony also loves music. He’s been an emcee and DJ since the mid-80’s and has DJ’d professionally since 1996 (and continues to do so!). He’s created and released independent hip hop music, and found most of his success when he and his wife, Teemaree, released 3 albums as Dynamite Jive in the early 2000’s.

In addition to all this, Tony has worked professionally in the television/film industry since 2001, and created his own company, Egg Sandwich Media, to work as a one-man-production-band; wearing the hat of Producer all the way to Video Editor.

He currently lives in Joshua Tree, CA with his wife and they enjoy their empty-nester life in the desert.

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