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Quietly Quit… Complaining!

It’s time to quietly quit… complaining!

Do you have someone in your life that always seems to have a complaint about something?

Even the smallest of details in their life is difficult for them.

Always moaning and groaning about something.

We all know people like this.

Now, if you don’t, that means YOU’RE that person, so this is especially for YOU!


We often complain because we seek two things;

  1. We want to vent our frustrations and anger
  2. We want camaraderie and agreement with said frustrations and anger

This makes us feel better.

This is why we often hear people open up conversations with a complaint about something!

Most people get a better response from others when there is a mutual complaint as opposed to a mutual positive thought!

Isn’t that the strangest thing? But it’s true.

There’s nothing wrong with expressing your frustrations, anger, and disappointments.

But, there is a problem when that’s all you do and you mull around in it, spending all your time there.

The pity party is real, and unfortunately, most of us lack the tools and mindset necessary to know when it’s time to leave the party!


If you’re the complainer, you’re missing out on so much of your life! You can’t see anything positive and when you do, it’s minimal and leaves you unsatisfied.

If you have complainers in your life, it’s like having smokers in your life. You’re going to suffer the consequences of secondhand complaints! You have to remove yourself from people who are HAPPY BEING MISERABLE!


Look at the bright side of every situation! This is harder to do than it sounds, but, you can start by being grateful for something in your life. Even if it’s just one simple thing, show your gratitude for that thing and start to build on that practice. Being grateful will help open up and nurture your ability to start seeing multiple options and opportunities in life! It’s not always THIS or THAT… there is often a 3rd, 4th, and even 5th option available! And just like that, where we may have complained about not having enough options, all of a sudden, we’ve got more than enough!

Let go of expectations. When we expect situations and people to be a specific way, we’re setting ourselves up for failure. That’s because we don’t have control over anything other than ourselves. Most upsets and anger come when expectations aren’t met. So letting go of expectations will reduce our frustrations and anger, and we won’t have anything to complain about.

Immediately look for solutions! Most complaining is about what we DON’T WANT or CAN’T DO. All of the complaining lives in that area. If we quickly turn our focus away from what we don’t want or can’t do, we’re forcing ourselves to work on a solution. And that diminishes the complaining right away!

If you’re ready to quietly quit complaining…

Remember, being in action to get away from, or avoid complaining is a key component to living an #UNBREAKABLE life, so get to it, and do it!

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Quietly quit complaining


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Tony also loves music. He’s been an emcee and DJ since the mid-80’s and has DJ’d professionally since 1996 (and continues to do so!). He’s created and released independent hip hop music, and found most of his success when he and his wife, Teemaree, released 3 albums as Dynamite Jive in the early 2000’s.

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