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How to be happy – 3 ways to be happier in life

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How to be happy?

The question for the ages, right?

Why are we NOT happy?

And how do we actually define ‘happiness’?

Happiness is being fully satisfied in life. Not complaining, not talking negatively, and enjoying every single minute – yes, even through tough times, we must find the good!

The majority of us don’t live this way. We’re stuck in negativity during much of our lives. And the small glimpses of positivity and happiness we do experience, we’re equating this to a high level of satisfaction in our life, but it’s not actually as satisfying as it could be. We’re doing this calculation from a deep negative standpoint.

It’s yin and yang. The good and the bad. The negative and the positive; the fact that we won’t know happiness unless we know sadness. But unfortunately, we’re constantly hovering around negative for too much of our lives.

To truly be happy, we must make the shift to swimming and bouncing around and enjoying more of our time around the positive side of life!

3 ways to be happier in life!

#1 – Exercise

No matter who you are, or what state of fitness you’re currently in, YOU CAN EXERCISE! Exercise and movement are for anyone and everyone, so know that even if you haven’t ever exercised, or it’s been a long time since you’ve moved, doing it will make you happier!

There are two important chemicals in the body that are affected by exercise; dopamine and serotonin.

Dopamine is the quick-hit chemical that gets released whenever you do something that brings pleasure. And yes, even when you’re in a grueling workout that feels like it’s never going to end or perhaps you may not see the end because you think you’re going to die, dopamine is still revved up and released in your body. So you WILL FEEL pleasure from your workout!

Serotonin, on the other hand, also is a pleasure chemical, but in a different way. It’s more long-lasting and works on your emotional control and stability. An added benefit of additional serotonin release in the body is that it also helps to regulate sleep and appetite! What do ya know, an added bonus to the whole exercise aspect!

Stirring the pot and getting these two neurotransmitters growing will help you feel happier.

Exercise will also build your confidence!

Not only in your overall physical abilities, but also in your appearance. Having more confidence and being able to do things that we might not have thought possible for ourselves will definitely bring us happiness in life.

#2 – Learn and work on emotional intelligence

There is more and more research and studies coming out that show us that emotional intelligence is an important piece to living a happier life.

Having emotional intelligence is simply the ability to be aware of our emotions and know we can control them, as opposed to them controlling us.

Having emotional intelligence helps us respond to situations instead of reacting to situations.

When we react we’re simply letting our emotions control us. That’s why it’s called a knee-jerk reaction. There’s no thought behind it. It’s all emotional.

Responding is when we approach it with intelligence; some thought and thinking are behind our actions.

By learning emotional intelligence we equip ourselves with a better understanding of why and how we interact with negativity. And when we do that, we’re able to keep ourselves in the happy zone more of the time!

#3 – Surround yourself with other happy people

Nothing great in our lives is ever achieved alone, so creating friendships and companionship with other happy people will keep your happiness growing throughout your life.

Surrounding yourself with other happy people will seem like a chore at first but in the end, getting and staying happier in life is going to be a team effort.

Once you get going on steps #1 and #2, you’re naturally going to be more in tune with what happiness really looks and feels like. This in turn will help you find other people who are truly happy.

Be aware that not all people are truly happy. There are many people who live in “middle happy“. I discuss this concept in my book, “Disable Your Disability: Live the Healthy Life You Deserve!” Get the book HERE!

Being happier in life is magical

But this is only the beginning!

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