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Fitness, Nutrition, and Wellness for O.I. Facebook Group

Social media has been an extremely important tool for many people with disabilities to find others to get connected with. Sharing information (and having fun) is important for people with disabilities, especially if it’s a rare disability like Osteogenesis Imperfecta – or Brittle Bone Disease.

A few years ago, after going through my own physical transformation, I started to get curious about my disability and I wanted to share my experience with others. As someone who has Type 1 O.I., Facebook became a place to find others who were also living and thriving in life with O.I. and I wanted to connect with as many people as possible. This was also because I had only known one other person in my life who had O.I., so to start connecting with so many folks was awesome.

Once I started to meet more and more people with O.I. and get into conversations with them in other groups, I realized that the topic of fitness, exercise, nutrition, and wellbeing wasn’t really being discussed at a level that I felt was important for us. There wasn’t a focused discussion and I wanted to create that for us.

So I started a group on Facebook and called it, Health & Fitness for O.I. The group HAS BEEN AMAZING! At the writing of this post, we have well over 1,100 members and it grows each day. There are so many people with brittle bones that are curious about how to work with their bodies to get stronger and live longer, and they want to do it in a positive, supportive, and encouraging environment. And that’s what this group is all about!

I’ve recently changed the name of the group to Fitness, Nutrition, and Wellness for O.I. as I feel it’s more appropriate to the three aspects of healthy living that we need to focus on.

Come and join us: CLICK/TAP HERE

I look forward to seeing you there!


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A quick intro to everything Tony...

Tony is the author of Disable Your Disability, a book about learning how to live the healthy life you deserve despite your physical limitations. He was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bones) and has endured 70+ fractures throughout his life. At the ripe young age of 42, he had to embrace his disability to save his life, so against all odds, pushed himself through an 8-month physical transformation that ended up being just as important mentally and emotionally.

Tony also loves music. He’s been an emcee and DJ since the mid-80’s and has DJ’d professionally since 1996 (and continues to do so!). He’s created and released independent hip hop music, and found most of his success when he and his wife, Teemaree, released 3 albums as Dynamite Jive in the early 2000’s.

In addition to all this, Tony has worked professionally in the television/film industry since 2001, and created his own company, Egg Sandwich Media, to work as a one-man-production-band; wearing the hat of Producer all the way to Video Editor.

He currently lives in Detroit, MI with his wife and they enjoy their empty-nester life in the desert.

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