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Change your attitude, change your life!

Change your attitude

Change your attitude, change your life! It’s easier than you think! When we hear the word “attitude”, we often associate it with a negative way of being.

“Don’t get an attitude with me.” “Why the attitude?” 

But the truth is, our attitude can be positive or negative. Our attitude is the way we think or feel about someone or something, and of course, it manifests itself in the way we act.

Attitude is everything!

You may have heard people say, “Attitude is everything” when it comes to facing situations, but the truth is, our attitude toward something is only one piece of the puzzle.

Here’s a couple examples of why attitude isn’t everything.

Your attitude toward something can never substitute competence or experience. Too many people confuse confidence with both competence and experience.

Your attitude toward something can’t and won’t change the facts or reality. If someone is treating you inappropriately, changing your attitude isn’t going to change the act, the only way to change the act is to actually change the situation!

Your attitude cannot substitute personal growth! No matter how much we change our attitude toward something, unless we’re learning and growing, we’re not making progress!

So you see our attitude alone isn’t going to make a difference.

However, it is a major factor when it comes to living an #UNBREAKBLE life!

Our attitude determines how we approach life in general.

Our attitude makes a difference in our relationships; how we see others; and it determines if we’ll lift people up or try to take the wind out of their sails.

Having the right attitude opens us up to learning and growing.

And it really does make a difference in how we face our challenges!

How do we change our attitude?

Analyze your current attitude. Being self-aware and mindful are keys to improving our attitude – we have to know when it’s time for a change.

We have to desire that change! No matter what we do, our attitude will not change unless we truly want that change to happen!

You can change your attitude by changing your thoughts. Think about it! Our attitudes are shaped by habits of thoughts that we have, so if we work on those initial thoughts and make them positive… that’s right, positive attitude, baby!

Take responsibility for your attitude. It’s entirely in our control! We can’t control others, but we have complete control over what’s going on between our ears in the 3 pounds of amazingness we call our brains!

Maintaining a positive attitude can be challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone! Head over to and you’ll find a plethora of resources and experiences that will help you move, think, feel and live an #UNBREAKABLE life!

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change your attitude


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Tony also loves music. He’s been an emcee and DJ since the mid-80’s and has DJ’d professionally since 1996 (and continues to do so!). He’s created and released independent hip hop music, and found most of his success when he and his wife, Teemaree, released 3 albums as Dynamite Jive in the early 2000’s.

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