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Celebrate Disability Pride Month on The #UNBREAKABLE Mixshow

Continuing the celebration of Disability Pride Month on The #UNBREAKABLE Mixshow!

In this episode of The #UNBREAKABLE Mixshow, I talked about a few ways to celebrate and think about when it comes to Disability Pride Month.

You can watch the clip below.

I’ll be going into other aspects of Disability Pride Month all month long during July, so be sure to tune into the show EVERY TUESDAY 6-7PM EST.

Full Transcript of the video is below as well.

Welcome to the unbreakable mix show here it is all about music movement, motivation, unbreakable,
unbreakable. So tonight, I’m going to continue my celebration of Disability Pride Month. And I’m so excited because I didn’t even realize that this was a month I feel a little ashamed about that. But to be honest, it’s okay. Because it’s one of those things where people don’t realize you have to celebrate. And you have to honor and you have to think consciously about when these things happen, so that we can uplift these marginalized communities. And trust me being disabled, for as large of a minority as we are. We’re very marginalized man, it’s crazy, like people look at disability and look at people with disabilities really strange. And so that’s why I wanted to take this month and really say, hey, you know, what, we can celebrate? We can celebrate, and we can honor disabled people. Right? Give it up, give it up. So it’s really about like three things that I want to go over quickly. I mean, it’s more than this. It’s more than just these three things. But these are the three things that I’m going to talk about tonight. Number one, Disability Pride is really about looking at disability as being normal. I know it’s a tough thing, because we have labeled like disabled and having someone having a disability. Like it’s not a normal thing, right. And it’s it’s part of this part of celebrating disability, as opposed to just bringing awareness and stuff like that. Celebrating it will help us see that it’s just a normal thing in life, we all have some degree of disability, if you really think about it, every single one of us has something, if you really look at the definition of disability, right? Something that’s stopping us something that’s, you know, restricting us etc. And even that having a disability doesn’t restrict that many people. There’s a whole nother side of it, where people are not restricted by their disability. But if you think about that definition, we all have something, right. So being aware that disability is normal, really normalizing it and saying, You know what, people with disabilities are just like, they are normal. It’s everything is normal. We label a disability, but it doesn’t mean anything. You know what I’m saying? Like, there’s more to it than that. So that’s the first thing, just being aware that having a disability is just a normal thing, not treating people with disabilities differently. Of course, there’s things that are needed, right. But those should be just normal things, like a ramp into a store. It should just be normal, it’s not an accommodation, that should just be the normal, right? So these are, these are things we got to start thinking about this month. Now the second is really looking at this word ableism. And now ableism goes very, very deep. I did there’s a lot of people with disabilities that I feel misuse this word. And it’s really, you know, it’s hard to take shape and take ownership of the word for a lot of people because it’s very nuanced, as I’m learning. As I’m even getting deeper into the this the disability community, I’m realizing that, you know, there’s things that I may have an ableist thought about right now, the definition of ableism is discrimination in favor of able bodied people. So just the thought of that, an example few examples, like asking someone what’s wrong with them, right? Like, you don’t need to ask somebody what’s wrong with them, because there’s nothing wrong with them. Now, some of these gonna blow your mind a little bit. Because as I was learning them, they blew my mind. So the first thing like the first kind of example, is asking someone what’s wrong with them? Because you’re automatically labeling that a disability means something’s wrong. And we got to kind of eliminate that, right? The second thing is saying, you don’t look disabled, as though as this as though it’s a compliment, right? I get this all the time. Because my disability osteogenesis imperfecta I have type one, which is one of the mildest forms. So people look at me and I tell them I’m disabled, I have a disability and they’re like, Well, you don’t look disabled. Like it’s a good thing that I’m not disabled, right? And we got to kind of squash that that’s an ableist thought, you know, as its as its labeled here. So, that’s, that’s one another example. Okay. Now, the third thing is assuming that a physical disability is the product of laziness, or a lack of exercise or effort. Oh, this is a big one. And this is a big one. Because even people with disabilities will do this to other people with disabilities. This is crazy.
I get this sometimes. And I some people will say this to me, when I tell them what I’ve been through as far as my physical transformation and and really going for it. They’re like, Oh, it’s just because of you You know, you were you were lazy. That’s why you have this disability, right? But it’s not true. And a lot of people, they just, this is just false. Okay, let’s just put it like that. So don’t say these things, okay? Don’t ask them what’s wrong, someone what’s wrong with them? Don’t say you don’t look disabled, I’m trying to make it like a compliment. And then don’t assume that a physical disability is a product of laziness, or lack of exercise or effort, because it’s not all right. So these are just some things I know they’re big things. These are big concepts, big ideas, but I want you to start thinking about them. Okay. That’s the whole point of the unbreakable mix show is to help you think differently, right? And then so the third thing that I want you to do to really get down with Disability Pride Month is, is I want you to celebrate someone in your life who has a disability, all right. I want you to celebrate someone I know that you know, somebody that has a disability. Now you may be watching you have a disability, right? But if you’re watching and you are listening, and you don’t have a disability, I want you to, you know, basically walk out your door or you may have someone in your family I don’t know, walk out your door, look around, you’re gonna find someone with a disability and I want you to celebrate them. I don’t want you to pity them. I don’t want you to think of them as lesser than I want you to celebrate them and the awesome person that they are, regardless of the disability with the disability. All right. That’s part of disability pride month you feel me on that. That’s right. Because that’s what it’s about y’all. That’s what it’s about disability pride month. Man. It’s all month long.
And I want you to celebrate it. Because we’re gonna keep celebrating here on the unbreakable mix show.
So if you feel me, go ahead and head on over to Tony Head over to Tony Check out what I got going on on at the Tony Jacobson foundation. Lots of great things unbreakable body unbreakable mix show Oh my life. We got my book to save your disability. There’s so many resources available available for people with disabilities. And I want you to support helped me help everybody. Alright, so head on over there. We’re gonna get back into this music now it’s the unbreakable mix show. Let’s go
music movement motivation. Be unbreakable.


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