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Motivational Keynote Empowerment Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Public Speaking Coach
Tony is a passion-filled speaker with a message that is changing the world. His presentation style is engaging, and his keynotes inspire. I look forward to seeing him speak again.Adam Timm, Author, Speaker

Fun, engaging, motivational, informative, inspirational, and interactive talks, tailored to your audience to achieve your goals.

My talks and presentations will leave your audiences ENABLED, ENCOURAGED and ENERGIZED!

I’m available for:
Keynote • Breakout Sessions • Workshops • Seminars • Conferences • Panel Discussions • Corporate/Business Meetings • Educational Sessions • Lunch & Learn Gatherings • School Functions (All Ages)

Tony is such an inspiring person. He came to our Red Ribbon Week at Eastbluff Elementary and talked candidly about his disability to our student body of about 350 kids, and some of the difficulties he faced as a kid.  But he turned it into a positive and showed the kids that with the right attitude there is nothing you can’t accomplish! He’s a hero at our school and when the kids hear that he’s coming, they’re elated! He’s a wonderful person with a great message for all.Beth Carter, VP Communication, Board Member Eastbluff P.T.A.


“Get Unstuck” – Inspiring people to overcome obstacles in their lives.

“Your Story Is Important” – We all have a story and we can inspire others by telling it.

“Finding Your Sweet Spot” – Practical techniques to achieve more and reach your goals in life.

“Lighten The Load” – A story of enlightenment that proves that our actions affect those around us.

“Get Up And 🗣” – Learn to be a powerful public speaker!

“Shift Happens” – Creating effective affirmations that will change your life.

“Never Give Up!” -For younger audiences; making good choices, anti-bullying, embracing uniqueness!

“We’re All the Same and That’s OK” –Disability awareness, inclusion and ‘people first’ ideology.

“Breaking Down Brittle Bones” – An educational and informational talk about Osteogenesis Imperfecta (O.I.) aka Brittle Bones.

What people are saying about Tony’s talks
Tony is one of the most motivating speakers I’ve heard. He’s authentic, genuine, and humorous. He speaks about “human” things, things we can all relate to. I highly recommend Tony to be a speaker at any function.Rick Henkin, Professional Speaker
…[Tony] shared great insight about health and fitness with OI Foundation conference participants, and was very encouraging to attendees of all ages, physical abilities and backgrounds. Tony naturally connects to individuals to form friendships and expand professional networks. He is very motivating, and shares positive energy with everyone around him.Petra Harvey, Health Educator, O.I. Foundation
Tony Jacobsen is a terrific speaker!! He was the keynote presenter at the Fortieth Annual Southern California Petroleum Industry Charity Association Golf & Tennis Tournament to benefit The Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation fundraising event. Tony spoke with great energy, passion, and wisdom about what it takes to be successful in life while living with a disability! He is a natural and was very well received by our attendees. I highly recommend him!Heidi Glauser, Executive Board Member, SCPICA
[Tony] is an amazing inspirational speaker! Besides his vast accomplishments in the DJ, music and entertainment industry, he has an incredible life story, overcoming a disability which would leave most people bedridden. Instead he shows people how they too can be successful by being themselves, working hard and never giving up. He has a wonderful message for people of all ages and his warm, easy-going personality grabs your attention and doesn’t let go.Tara Reilly Tung, Eastbluff P.T.A.


Notable Events and Accomplishments

• I was a panelist at the O.I.F. Regional Conference in Los Angeles, CA where we fielded questions in regards to exercise and fitness as it relates to Osteogenesis Imperfecta. I had the pleasure of sharing my experiences of working out and the ways that I’ve been able to overcome various obstacles due to having O.I.

• Speaking for the Lions Club in Marina Del Rey, CA was a delight. I shared my story of “Lightening The Load” which was inspirational to the members in attendance.

• I spoke at the Fortieth Annual SCPI Charity Association Golf & Tennis Tournament to benefit The Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation fundraising event. My talk focused on living with O.I. and how community and education are important for those of us with the disability.

• On another occasion, I spoke to the student body and faculty at Eastbluff Elementary School in Newport Beach, CA during Red Ribbon Week. My talk focused on how I’ve been able to overcome obstacles and achieve success in life despite having a rare bone disease and encouraging the kids to always make smart choices in life.

• In addition to holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communications from California State University, Northridge, I also achieved my C.C. (Competent Communicator) Award in Toastmasters within 10 months of joining. As a member of Toastmasters, I’m also a 4-time International Speech Contest Winner within my club, area, and division, and I competed in the District One contest in 2016.

Toastmasters Awards

Public Speaking Coaching and The “Get Up And 🗣” Workshop

I’m honored to be able to share my public speaking knowledge and experience with others. Through one-on-one coaching and my workshop, “Get Up And 🗣: How to be a Powerful Public Speaker”, I give tips, tricks, and sure-fire methods to empower my clients and attendees with basic and advanced public speaking and presentation skills.

Here’s what attendees of the workshop are saying about it:

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More About My Journey as a Speaker

I’ve spent my life in front of audiences.  Through performing original music, DJing, acting, and now professional speaking, I’ve honed my skills and enjoy entertaining, educating, and transforming audiences of all types.

I love to write and I released my first book in 2017. You can purchase a copy of “Disable Your Disability: Live The Healthy Life You Deserve!” here. In addition to the promotion of this book, I’ve started writing two new books – “Remain Solid” and “Breaking Barriers, Not Bones” – both of which are extensions of the stories and ideas I present in “Disable Your Disability”.

Outside of my speaking and writing, I run a small video production company called Egg Sandwich Entertainment, and I’ve also pursued my passion for music as a producer, rapper, and DJ.

My wife, Teemaree, and I live in Los Angeles, California and have been married for 16 years. In my free time, I enjoy working out, watching movies, listening and creating music, writing, acting, improvising, and brainstorming new business ideas.

Take the next step. Contact me to check my availability and bring me to your next event. You can also contact me to discuss coaching you in public speaking!