Here are downloads for you to enjoy as referenced in the audio version of the book, Disable Your Disability.

DYD Quadrants of Change (Page 109 Paperback):

DOWNLOAD a .pdf version of the DYD Quadrants of Change

Middle Happy (Page 122 Paperback):

DOWNLOAD a .pdf version of the Middle Happy Chart


My wheelchair precision team at Lowman Elementary.
Coach Randy and me at Lowman Elementary.
Years later when I wheeled in a 5K and Coach Randy was there!
On set on the backlot at Universal Studios Hollywood when I was a co-star on "The New Lassie" television show. Watch the episode on YouTube, tap/click the picture.
Meeting the one and only Lucille Ball (I Love Lucy) while one of my extended stays at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles.
Seconds after I ran across the finish line at the Color Run in Los Angeles!